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Waterfall & Ruins

Lulumahu Falls is tucked away from the Pali Highway. It can be hard to find but once you do, you will find a magnificent 50 foot waterfall! This hike is a mini adventure due to the thick bamboo forests, old hunting grounds, a reservoir, and the crossing of the stream and boulders. A perk to this hike is that not many people are not on this trail so you could have the waterfall all to yourself!


Location: The start of this trail is at the end of the old Pali Road where the highway meets back up. The start of this trail is marked by a hole in the fence at the water supply board. Go through the hole and walk about 100 yards until you find path that veers towards the left, take that until you find a set of stone stairs. The stairs will take you up the hill and from there you will have views of the mountains and an old reservoir.  At the top of the stairs, take the dirt path to the right until you find a graffitied wall. Across from the wall is a set of little stone stairs which will take you to a fenced water pump, and just behind this fence is the trail up to the waterfall.

IMG_6860Located near the beginning of the waterfall trail, you can find the Kaniakapupu Ruins which was the summer home of King Kamehameha III. It is the only remaining structure connected to King Kamehameha III. The ruins date back to 1847 and are an impressive piece of Hawaiian history.

IMG_6861 The memorial placard in the front on the ruins reads:


Summer Palace of King Kamehameha III and his Queen Kalama

Completed in 1845, it was the scene of entertainment of foreign celebrities the feasting of chiefs and commoners. The greatest of these occasions was a luau attended by an estimated ten thousand people celebrating Hawaiian Restoration Day in 1847.

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