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Kawela Bay Days

Sometimes it’s really fun to enjoy the beach with a big crowd of people all enjoying the sun together; and sometimes it’s nice to have nature more of less to yourself! If you are looking for the latter, Kawela bay is a good secluded place to enjoy activities such as swimming, paddle boarding, exploring, and relaxing. On the right day, Kawela bay will make you feel like you are on a deserted island. This bay is known to be calm year round making it safe for children or dogs. The curved bay boasts calm waters due to the reef that hinders the high waves during the winter months. The beach accompanies amazing tropical tree cover with coconut palms and ironwood trees. There is also a surf break right outside of the bay creating a perfect place to surf, kayak or paddle board. Kawela bay is the ideal place for both explorers and those looking to relax, not to mention one of many great places to get your salty fix.





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